Birthday Parties

Party Day Pass $26.99 (+tax)

All-day access to the park – Party Cabana for two hours

Party Extras

Large Pizza (8 Slices) – $19.99 (+ tax)
Fountain Drinks (Pepsi, Seira Mist, Diet Pepsi) – $2.99 (+ tax)
Regular Dippin Dots (10 minimum) – $5.99 (+ tax)
• Cupcakes or Cakes will be allowed for parties.
HSWP is not responsible for utensils
• No cancelations or refunds; $100 deposit is due at time of scheduling.
• Parties can be re-scheduled.
• Party guests are allowed to be at the park the whole day of the party, but EVERY guest must have their wristband in order to enter the park.