Water Slides

Texas Sky Fall: Ever Dream of falling from the sky?  Just Lay back and experience that feeling at 65 feet above the ground on the Texas Sky Fall.

Neptunes Revenge: Enjoy the open slide with unexpected loops, drops, and the fast embankments

Blue Beast: Slide into Darkness in our enclosed tube slide and enjoy the rings of fire

Green Monster: If you liked the Beast you should try the Green Monster a similar exciting slide with a surprising finish at the end

River Rapids

Just Grab your tube to the lazy river and relax with moving water and features for you to enjoy on your float adventure.

Wave Pool

Holiday Waves: Our Most popular attraction!

Over a Quarter Million gallons of water making the largest waves for you in the area. Open area with Splash DJ or Live music on certain days.

Children’s Pools

Monkeys Island Pool: This pool will give you a challenge with the Climbing Wall, try your luck crossing the Lilly Pads, and check out your skills with Water Basketball!

Texarkana Splash Mountain:  A spectacular 42 feet high Mega Play Structure featuring  Splashing fun with over 100 interactive water features to occupy the young and don’t forget over 1000 gallons of water splashing down on all the guests below.

We have not forgotten young kids. They have 300 gallons of water bucket waiting for the splash. We have 5 waterslides up to 25 feet high in Splash Mountain

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Paradise Lagoon Pool & Spa

Paradise Lagoon: This is for those wanting to get away from the kids and enjoy a relaxing day.

Handicapped Accessible

Sand Castle Area

Family area to create your own sandcastle while playing in the park.


Want to have your own private cabana to relax in during your visit to Holiday Springs with, 2 Chase Lounge Chairs, Table, and chairs,  Check the pricing below!

* Riders must be at least 48” tall and ride alone or with a friend/family.  Only Holiday Springs life jackets are allowed on the slides.
NO Cut off jeans, denim clothing, hard metal objects, T-Shirts, and shoes cannot be worn on slides.